melanie – 11/29/94

The intensity of Your love reaches into the depths of my being I feel it travel into the deepest regions of my soul It awakens the spark of light within And I come alive with the Knowing You and I are One

A Gift of Wholeness

written in December 1994 I am a whole person and there is no part of myself that is subject to judgement. I have the privilege to be all that I am… every experience, every feeling, every thought, every action has contributed to my wholeness. I celebrate every moment I have lived, as my being is …


Revisiting Years Past -1990’s Onward Visited your journals lately? In revisiting journal entries that date back to the early 90’s I realized I had compiled writings and poems that expressed where I was in myself at that particular time. It was a helpful revisit so decided to share this one with you. WE ARE CO-CREATORSWE …

Creating the energy/ki ball – a simple exercise the beginner to meditation may find helpful.

Creating the energy/ki ball is familiar with most people. Some call it the qi or chi ball of light. In Reiki this is one of the first practices that the student learns; cultivating the ki between the palms of the hands and being sensitive to its expansion and contraction. Whether it is through Reiki, Qi …

Vibrational year is 7. What’s the opportunity opening to each of us in 2023?

2023 is a 7 vibrational year and is known by most as a spiritual number. It is associated with spiritualization and completion. In the Tarot cards the Chariot card is the seventh major arcanum and is known as a powerful vibration. It invites the individual to awaken to the Higher Self’s integration. Corinne Heline in …

Welcome 2022!

Center for the Inner Journey’s focus for 2022 is Building the Spiritual Body. Melanie is conducting workshops and studies that guide and bring us into a deepening awareness of this practice of integration. Hope you find the following meditation supporting this in you. — Melanie

Kalama Sutta

Kalama Sutta, a Buddhic Teaching on my string of pearls. May it serve you on your spiritual journey as it has mine. (It’s a discourse of the Buddha contained in the Anguttara Nikaya of the Tipitaka.) Melanie