Vibrational year is 7. What’s the opportunity opening to each of us in 2023?

2023 is a 7 vibrational year and is known by most as a spiritual number. It is associated with spiritualization and completion.

In the Tarot cards the Chariot card is the seventh major arcanum and is known as a powerful vibration. It invites the individual to awaken to the Higher Self’s integration. Corinne Heline in her book, Sacred Science of Numbers, says of the Chariot arcanum, “Here we have a representation of the highest phase of 7, – body purified, mind illumined, and spirit glorified”. In this card there is the charioteer who holds the reins on the two sphinx’s, one black one white. Simply put, the charioteer is the potential you as the master of your life with the capacity to work with the polarity and duality within life. The symbolism held in this card is profound and worth going deeper into.

What is an arcanum? Valentin Tomberg, author of Meditation on the Tarot says, “An arcanum is a “ferment” or an “enzyme” whose presence stimulates the spiritual and the psychic life of man”. Being a 7 year, what would you say is knocking at the door of your consciousness?

If you are reading this, you are likely familiar with inner promptings asking questions. A couple examples could be, is there more to my life that I understand already? Am I more than the personality that I identify with? Have you found that the inner questions you hear are like enzymes stimulating something within you?

Perhaps you are being asked to begin a dialogue between the personality and the soul. The personality or the ego-identity is that part of us that interacts in everyday living. It is what we call ourselves until there comes a turning in the life guiding one to an inner dimension – the spiritual life.

Check out the Soul Dialogue meditation posted in the Blog June 27, 2020 – see if it helps you make a connection with your soul.

In 2023 we have the opportunity to build bridges between the personality and the soul and to become receptive to the higher self, the divine spark within each of us. Take a moment to be still within, is there a still small voice, a gentle whisper, inviting you?

I look forward to sharing more on this integration which I am calling Building the Spiritual Body.

More to come…