Revisiting Years Past -1990's Onward

Visited your journals lately?

In revisiting journal entries that date back to the early 90’s I realized I had compiled writings and poems that expressed where I was in myself at that particular time. It was a helpful revisit so decided to share this one with you.


If these are true statements, then as creative beings, we need to be aware of the power we hold to create a life that works and gives us joy. Ask yourself if your life is a reflection of what you say you desire, or are you living a life of contradiction. If you are fulfilled- bravo – you can teach others. If you find yourself in contradiction, then perhaps it is time to take hold of your creative abilities and redirect them into the life you say you want.

Many of us may find this a difficult task. There is a tool available to support us and it is called AWARENESS. Awareness is a journey of self-knowing which allows one to see the patterns, belief systems and ideas that create the life we have. Awareness holds no judgements, criticisms or punishments. It is a process of observation and loving yourself into freedom and receptivity to experiencing one’s potential.

Every person is born with talents, gifts and abilities. Are you aware that you have any? Take the time to feel your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths to teach your weaknesses, and your weaknesses to develop your strengths. We are all a hodge-podge of strengths and weaknesses. Recognize that neither you nor I are perfect. If anything, we are perfectly imperfect. Find support for your journey where you feel acceptance for who you are and not who you should be. This I call unconditional love. It is in this space that we heal and experience ourselves in truth and wholeness. SO GO FOR IT! All you need to create a life that works and is joyful is within reach.

  • Find a guide or support system that loves you no matter what.
  • Be willing to explore your multidimensional consciousness.
  • Be open to change.
  • Accept your gifts and abilities.
  • Love yourself for you are one terrific creation.