A Gift of Wholeness

written in December 1994

I am a whole person and there is no part of myself that is subject to judgement. I have the privilege to be all that I am… every experience, every feeling, every thought, every action has contributed to my wholeness. I celebrate every moment I have lived, as my being is a culmination of every breath I have ever taken. I can see now the divinity of my life and its magnificence. Thank you everyone for being part of my soul’s journey. I am grateful for your love, your patience, your support and your friendship. May I now remember to be the same of spirit for my fellowman.

Your Presence has been my guiding light.

Your strength has stood with me unwaveringly,

The courage, love and peace within my soul

Is all a reflection of what I have learnt of You.

Your light shines bright so I can see,

 And no longer will the darkness obscure Your Divinity.

I have seen the home of my God,

It is built of beauty and grace,

Its sight forever marvels me.