Building the Spiritual Body

An awareness I have come to in the last several years is that it is helpful to have a map/blueprint of a Spiritual Tradition from which one is able to determine where one is in the journey of this life. The recognition that one comes to often at the beginning of this inner question – where am I/who am I – is that the outer life has an inner dimension, and one has a desire to enter into it. One of the maps I have found most helpful in my journeying is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. At the beginning of 2022 Building the Spiritual Body was the focus of the year, and it has continued to be a gradual and incremental unfolding of what this Spiritual Body is.

A familiar word to describe this aspect of Self is the Creative and is referred to as the World of Creation in the Tradition of the Tree of Life. What are some of the qualities that one may experience within oneself to let them know they are in tune with this World of Creation also known as the Spiritual Body.

More to come on this…


  1. As I’ve read this entry several times, I am conscious that I will have a different understanding of what was written about map/blueprint and Spiritual Tradition when I read it at a future date. That has made me become aware of whether I have or not made progress in the journey of building a Spiritual Body. Fascinating is a word that always comes up when I start recognizing aspects of this journey.

  2. interested in more to come…