Language of Kabbalah – Creator and Creature

I have been a student of Kabbalah for 28+ years and in the last few years have found the teachings by Michael Laitman (in the lineage of Baal Ha Sulam) most helpful. There is a key distinction made between the Creator and the Creature – the Creator the force of Bestowal or Love and the Creature, the will to Receive or the egoistic desire.

For many spiritual seekers, working with the ego and its desires is an intentional practice; many approaches to spirituality incorporate this approach. You the reader I am sure have found this to be accurate. To have clarity about these two forces Bestowal and Reception is an important step of the journey into the Spiritual World. I have found it to be a helpful key in my practice of inner work.

Recommend the following books by Michael Laitman: A Glimpse of Light and Attaining the Worlds Beyond. Available thru or visit his website You won’t be disappointed.