Creating the energy/ki ball – a simple exercise the beginner to meditation may find helpful.

Creating the energy/ki ball is familiar with most people. Some call it the qi or chi ball of light. In Reiki this is one of the first practices that the student learns; cultivating the ki between the palms of the hands and being sensitive to its expansion and contraction. Whether it is through Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai chi and the many martial arts practices, the cultivation of ki is helpful for all people.

One of the immediate benefits is the body-mind’s experience of tranquility and calm. For those who feel that to begin a meditation practice is difficult because the mind-chatter is overwhelming, try this simple exercise of creating the ki ball.

We start with gassho, hands in prayer position. Bring your attention to the space between the palms of the hands. Move them slowly apart and back together. Some teachers suggest rubbing the palms together to activate the energy centers in the palms before doing gassho. Close your eyes and keep your attention as fully as possible on the movement. One becomes aware of a sensation of resistance, heat or tingling between the palms. It may be subtle at the beginning so keep your attention sharp and alert. Open your eyes when ready.

The presence of the ki ball emerges as one keeps their attention on the space between the palms of the hands. Mind-energy is given a direction, the space between the palms, and the body is kept occupied with the hands. What is activated here is the mind-energy’s power of concentration with the body’s participation. As one does this for a couple minutes or more, one begins to notice sensations not only between the palms but also in the body and mind.

Here are some experiences people have shared from this exercise. I feel calmer, I notice an overall sense of relaxation, my emotions are more settled, my breathing has slowed down and is deeper.

Overtime with practice one recognizes the immediacy of the mind-energy to concentrate and the breath moving within the body-energy slows down.

Both are conditions helpful for meditation.

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