Caterpillar to Butterfly

On a hiking trip with a friend a week ago, mr/ms caterpillar brought reminders of possibilities.

There were different types of caterpillars ? from the inchworm to the ones that would become the butterfly.

In her book Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams speaks of the stages of how the caterpillar births itself into the butterfly. The four stages she outlines in Butterfly are: the egg, the larva, the cocoon, the birth. Perhaps that?s a grounded way of seeing one?s own journey of transformation, observing the grace of life?s unfoldment in a natural, organic way. No pushing or force used, just the gestation of the trimesters and the labor of birth.

If we use this as a metaphor, one readily sees how along the way of this process, complications can occur that could result in a variety of outcomes.

Sams speaks of Butterfly as akin to the air element. The air element spoken of in many spiritual teachings as akin to mind. The well-known principle worded as ?energy follows thought? could be applied here as one comes to see how what is held in mind/thought can have an effect in our experiencing. (?Feeling in your heart? is not being ignored here, I?m just setting it aside for a moment.)

Reflection is a helpful means of applying Butterfly medicine to one?s personal journey. Take the pause, using this good medicine of discernment and self-understanding. I think you will find it worthwhile.

Happy transformation!