The Blue on the Road

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Driving on Interstate?287 last Monday, I was sharing with a friend about the ?field of blue??Forest Whitaker talked about?in his interview with Charlie Rose, as well as the mysterious symbol, ???,?which appeared in an email Thom sent to me (see his comment at the end of my post, “How the Blue Light Made Contact“).

My friend, who was driving, said, ?Look at the road.?

Here’s what I saw, as I later captured on my iPhone:

Blue Highway

Of course, one could say there is a logical explanation to this color being on the road, and no doubt there is. We travelled on the blue on the road for a couple more miles. Then, as we made the turn to connect to Interstate 95, we saw the vehicle that had left this blue path had pulled off onto the shoulder.


? Melanie