Talking with a fellow traveler,?I brought into the conversation our experience with the blue light. He then mentioned he had recently watched a “Charlie Rose Show” interview with the screenwriter, director, and two actors in ?The Butler??Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.

I took the opportunity to view the episode.?At approximately 50:27 into the interview, Rose asks Whitaker, ?Sum up what you think in terms of what this experience was like for you, this film, this character, and this accomplishment of making this movie.?

After seeming to be startled by the question, Whitaker shares that ?there were times when I was making this movie, and I was sitting in a chair, and I felt like I was in a field of blue, everything was blue ??

I felt inspired by Forest Whitaker?s sharing.?In another post I will share how the blue light made contact with me when I was in my later 30s.

Have YOU experienced the blue light personally?





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  2. When I meditate or do Reiki, I often see a violet similar to the color of Oprah’s dress in the Charlie Rose interview, or of the band you see below some pigeons’ necks just before their wings begin, but I think that’s different from the experience you had, Melanie, and I can’t wait to hear about it.