The “Outsider”

Over my years of listening, I have recognized there are many who feel like an ?outsider.? For some, it has been a source of suffering as they never seem to fit in or ?belong.?

In Psychology and Kabbalah, ?Z’Ev Ben Shimon?Halevi speaks of the outsider on pages 106 and 229. I remember when I read his comments, it clicked, for not only did I see something about myself, but it shed some light on what I had been experiencing with others. Here’s an excerpt from page 106:

The perception that there is more to life than begetting families or becoming successful?Here, we see the fully developed natural man and woman who want ?The seeker, of sometimes he or she knows not what, is somehow never fully involved in these games of material possessions or social status. They are what has been defined by some as ?outsiders.?

Halevi continues to describe types of outsiders. He ends the paragraph with:

A few know why they are here. They have either not forgotten their instructions, before they came into incarnation, or have slowly recalled that they had something to do, while here on Earth.

An excerpt from page 229:

Most people do not notice the extraordinary thought that has gone into their fate because of repression, projection and a dozen other defense mechanisms that prevent them seeing what is actually happening.

Halevi concludes this paragraph with:

There are some, however, who look even deeper and inquire as to what the purpose of Existence is. They are shown, if they only heed the hints, the pattern underlying their own and others? lives so that they begin to see the dim shape of a cosmic pattern in which everyone is involved.? Sometimes the veil is drawn and they catch sight of a chain of lives as ancient memories return of other times and places. This can lead them to a point where they recognize a distinct direction that indicates what their destiny might be. Here we stand on the edge of a quite different dimension.

Method of the Wheel is a helpful tool for getting in touch with a kernel of what Halevi is suggesting here. The tool has supported many with insights into patterns of the present life. For others, it has hinted at what they may have brought into this life. Visit Method of the Wheel and use the Table for Reflection template for your own reflections and see what begins to emerge for you.

If you need support with it, or are unclear how to begin, contact Melanie from this website or from the contact page on Method of the Wheel.


May you leave with the remembering that YOU are born out of Love, are Loved and Love itself.

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  1. Thank you for this writing – for reminding us of of the blessing of “not fitting in”.

    I struggled for many years to find a way to “fit in”. While studying with Melanie (Method of the Wheel in particular) I came to understand the blessing of being an outsider (as we all are).
    In order to fulfill my God given mission I must be completely Lauren.