We’re Back

melaniechong.com has been resurrected, thanks to Thom!

Thom Forbes was my partner in getting melaniechong.com visible. He set up the site in 2013, maintained it with generosity of spirit and the expertise of his profession as an editor and journalist.

The date of the last blog post was August 2018. Here we are in June 2020 with Life Changing events occurring in our world. A death and rebirth is actively taking place and we are personally experiencing this at every level of our everyday living.

What is taking our world by storm?

Shaman?s Death,” a teaching from the Indigenous Peoples (Sacred Path Cards, Jamie Sams), applies to all levels of life. Do we have the courage and the foresight to allow the ?shaman?s death? to propel us into embracing the change that is occurring? We are collectively birthing a new possibility, one that people envision as a ?new earth,? ?a new world,? ?heaven on earth.?

The question that comes to mind-heart, is HOW are we doing in our gestation, as we go through the trimesters required for a new birth/life?

My hope is this will be amongst one?s contemplations, personally and collectively.

This ?new? life requires our efforts, visioning/imaging and commitment.

As with all existence, we need REALITY CHECKS so we can evaluate, assess, determine if our ideas, thoughts, words and deeds reflect this back to us.

We ? humanity and our world ? is worthy of it, don?t you feel? There is a saying, ?to feel is to heal.?

We are truly blessed to be here now as midwives/doulas for Life.

With love,


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  1. So glad to read this new installation so glad you’re back!!!