On Meditation, Brainwaves and Hypnosis

In these times of demand and stress on body and mind, there is a natural medicine that one can take daily to restore an inner?experience of well-being. What?s the name of this natural medicine?


Here are some benefits to meditation that may motivate you to try it out.

  • It helps us release tension and find relaxation;
  • It supports inner calm and peace of mind;
  • It helps us understand the real nature of problems and overcome the fear in our minds;
  • It help guide us into understanding the fleeting nature of worldly conditions;
  • It supports the positive forces in our minds and bodies to regain a sense of well-being;
  • It helps us develop self-confidence

Beyond Woo-Woo
Neuroscience is helping to demystify meditation by providing some tangible tools that enhance the experience. Brainwave training is very popular these days. You?ll frequently see terms such as neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback and mindfulness training on the internet and in brochures and book titles. Many articles and podcasts are also helping to educate the layperson about human brainwaves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma).

In addition to a personal practice of meditation, my training in hypnosis has helped me to further understand the levels of meditation one may enter into. Hypnotherapy uses the Alpha brainwave as the entry level.


The Alpha brainwave is what we experience as relaxation and calm. Ever notice how the sound of a person?s voice can affect you? Hypnosis practitioners learn how to use their voice to support the listener/receiver to enter an Alpha state.

A Suggestion
Begin an awareness experiment on how the voice of a speaker affects you.

  • Decide on a time when you wish to try this awareness experiment. In the beginning, limit it to a short time until you develop effortless capacity to stay aware.
  • Stay in a receptive mode ? that is, observe rather than engage. Simply take note of what is happening and how your body is responding at the level of sensation. NO judgment required.
  • Be intentional about when you begin and when you finish.
  • What have you noticed, observed in yourself?

More to come ? would love to hear your feedback.