Teach/Remind Me To Love ?

?What will it take to know??? was recently added as the tagline to melaniechong.com.?It serves as a companion to ?the healing energies of love? essay on the home page.

I was reminded of the phrase, ?don?t put the cart before the horse? when I contemplated this pairing. How?

Keeping it as simple imagery, the horse represents the active power that has the capacity to pull the cart. The cart is passive in that it, of itself, does not initiate movement. It is receptive to the active power of the horse. Now imagine the opposite scenario, the cart is before the horse. How does this change the dynamics?

Love. Have you thought of this capacity in yourself as that which is likened to the active power of the horse?

What is your cart and where is it placed in relation to the horse??

A quick self-check using this analogy may help in showing us how we have set up this inner dynamic.

At times, I have forgotten, and I see that the cart is before the horse. Or the cart and the horse are not connected. Sometimes I see the horse has been neglected, and sometimes it is the cart. Or both.

I have used this simple inner question ? of course it could be another image than that of a horse and cart ? to find out if I am in a dynamic of cooperation and partnership, or something else.

It is a reality check of sorts that lets me know where/what I need to give attention to. I invite you to do a love check, using your awareness faculty to see where you are today.