Such Is the Way of Inspiration

Are you wasting or squandering your life force in unwholesome mental states?

Recognize what it is, make the corrections or adjustments, and move on.

Ask yourself the important question, ?Is this worth my life energy or is there something better??

Remember, what you resist persists.?So:

  • Do the analysis;
  • Make a decision;
  • If you need help, ask for it;
  • Determine your direction or set the goal;
  • Set it in motion through conscious intention;
  • This is your stream, flow in it, let it carry you, be one with it;
  • On the way, you will discover capacities within yourself you had no idea you had;
  • When you arrive, you will experience, ?Wow.?

Easier said than done, right?

Here is what is inspiring: We are all taking this journey. So there are infinite helpers out there with a diversity of skillsets based on their choice of direction or goal.

Identify, to the best of your ability, the helpers who have a proven skillset that resonates with you and who will be supportive to your direction.

As we move within the stream, we may not always choose wisely. But even that is illuminating.

Life has many classrooms. Know which one you?re in. Be an attentive student. Graduate the grade. Keep learning!

Such is the way of INSPIRATION.