The Healing Energy of Love Is Speaking

I recently began to look into the Ho’oponopono healing of the Hawaiian tradition and found it reflecting beautifully the healing energy of Love. I have listened to videos of Aunty Mahealani and the more structured presentations of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Both teachers?have gifts. Aunty brings an understanding that is a less structured/right brain experience; Dr. Hew Len’s revelations are more developmental/left brain with experiential exercises. (This is a link to the first nine minutes of?a nine-part ?interview?with Dr. Hew Len; this the first of a four-part video of a workshop he conducted.

I am just at the beginning of this exploration and plan to go deeper. Dr. Hew Len presents a visual construct which I feel is very helpful for the journey???a mapping/blueprint which reflects itself in my work with the Tree of Life/Kabbalah and the Abhidhamma (specifically the 52 mental factors of consciousness).

In addition, I find the teachings of the Christ Consciousness revealing itself in all of the paths.

I will close with the following understanding of “aloha”?that says it all for me:?”The Breath of God is in our presence.”

May we continue to build bridges and ladders of Love and Light. Look forward to your sharing of bridges and ladders that others may find helpful.