Light Instructions

It has been just about a year since my last post and with it comes the realization of one year of lying fallow ? staying within for a period of four seasons before emerging again with readiness for the next step.

?Exploring Consciousness? was the theme of last May?s post. I referenced the ?52 Mental Factors of Consciousness? from The Abhidhamma, with a link to Dr. Mario Martinez?s video on ?Embodying the Four Immeasurables.? You may find it helpful to revisit these thoughts.

This past year?s movement would take much time to articulate completely, so I would like to share some of the meeting places that appear as bright lights. For ease of communication, I will bullet-point them:

  • The Tree of Life and the basics of its design or general scheme ? Kabbalah;
  • Emergence of ?concentration without effort? as a development of effort;
  • Esoteric Acupuncture;
  • The three dantiens;
  • Reiki as a method of attunement and alignment of personal will, spiritual heart and divine will;
  • Meditation on the Tarot, a system of spiritual exercises;
  • Movement ? an integration of the physical, psychological, spiritual and the divine ? in everyday living.
  • Building an inner communication system in which Awareness is a ?good? reporter;
  • Method of the Wheel/MoW;
  • Inner workings/dynamics ? Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Creation;
  • The Holy Spirit and ADAM ? humanity.
  • I have used each of these, and others unmentioned, as tools, vehicles and methods in the capacity to hear more clearly SELF, the inner teacher, as it guided and disciplined me through this past year in the gifts of experience with my fellow travelers.
  • It is with inspiration I begin, this spring, realizing the exquisite goodness, beauty and grace of life itself, a masterpiece that?no words could adequately describe. The experience of it leaves me breathless, as if taking the breath away from all that binds me into the breath that lets me know with certainty, with God, all things are possible.

Please join me in sharing your journey of inspiration by writing in. If I, or any of my colleagues in the Healing Energies Collective, can be helpful to you, please contact us through the website?s email. You may email me directly at or by phone at 203.561.6872.

May life?s love and blessings greet you this spring!



  1. Look forward to your sharing about your project.

  2. used ‘rode’ instead of ‘road’ as if the ride is done. ha ha ha ha ha

  3. I just found your site and glad for it. Looks very interesting.
    I have been practicing meditation for several years and very
    happy to report that it gets curiouser and curiouser as we
    continue on into space as Mario Martinez might say.Judging
    by your recent 52, your questions & discoveries are similar to
    the ones on my rode.
    There is a project that I am working on and would like to get your take on it. I will send some info to you soon.

    congrats & best wishes,

    Jim Friel
    Philadelphia PA