Where Are You, Signs of Spring?

With snow on the ground and temperatures keeping us bundled in winter gear, we may be feeling ?enough already.? According to the calendar, we still have three weeks to go for it to be official ? so where are you in your inner readiness for Spring?

We still have time to have our seed(s) ready, to make the decisions about what will be planted in 2014 living. Perhaps Mother Nature is graciously giving us time and space for She recognizes we need it.

Observing and experiencing how this winter has created an inner environment for many of us to be a little more still (unless you are one who thrives in the wintry outdoors). Being the lover of warmth myself, I have found this harsher winter fertile ground for a different kind of winter activity?the invitation to journey inwardly, to find and discover some inner landscapes, to spend reflective time in familiar territories that I passed through too quickly a time before.

How about you? Chomping at the bits? Can?t wait?

Are you ready then for the Spring season of 2014 living?

Perhaps we are in the blessing of the wintry season even though we are impatient at the gate. Check to see if you have what you need for planting when the ground is soft again. I call this ?the pause.?