Uni – Verse: One Composition

This morning, as I am attending the school of the inner, I am asked to inquire further into the word universe.

First, I see two words, uni and verse. (I did consult the dictionary to learn uni is a prefix and verse is a noun).

I think most know that the prefix uni means ?one.? In looking up verse, there were a few meanings. One is composition. This caught my interest as I recognized the school of the inner was shedding light on my everyday understanding of universe.

Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks about the White Light and its composition in this video clip.?For those interested, watch the video and you may hear about uni-verse.

The concept of Adam Kadmon/Primordial Man in the teaching of Kabbalah also speaks about uni-verse?one composition?which is referred to by Lipton as white light (particularly from about 7:50 on).

We are sparks of this uni-verse.