In a study with Kathy this past Saturday, Aivanhov (Angels and Other Mysteries of The Tree of Life) closes Chapter 11 (?The Body of Adam Kadmon?), with the following sentence:

?You may have to come back thousands of times before the ten sephiroth that are etched into your being begin to vibrate, and your inner being is illuminated by all the lights of the Tree of Life.?

The word ?etched? caught my attention because it reminded me of the story ?Don?t You Remember?? on the opening page to As it turns out, it has always been Kathy reminding of how much she loved the story and how it touched her.

So back to etched?

Consulting the dictionary again, the word etched has a number of meanings, one of which is, “engrave”? a process to produce a print or design.

(The visitation of the one who reminded me that ?I etched into each piece, how much I love you.?)

I think the invitation is to know that the inner being, YOU, is actively being illuminated. The Tree of Life, YOU, is vibrating.

To provoke the inquiry even further, Aivanhov writes on page 128:

?I could draw a parallel between Adam Kadmon and the entity whom Christians call the Christ, which would show how they relate to each other, but I hesitate to do so, for fear of upsetting you?

Feeling provoked and would love to read your comments.