What Is Moral Memory?

In his Meditations on the Tarot, Valentin Tomberg makes a distinction between automatic memory, logical memory and moral memory (Arcanum XX, The Judgement, page 563).

Of moral memory, he says, “In old age moral memory more and more replaces logical memory, and the force of memory then depends on moral force – on the intensity of the moral and spiritual life of the person in question”.

In today’s contemplation of this teaching, I had the insight of how Method of the Wheel’s Table for Reflection could be used by an individual, who might reflect by recalling/remembering the meaning and the moral force that is behind, perhaps hidden in our day-to-day existence. Some might think of this simply as the reason to get up in the morning.?

So, if you are familiar with Method of the Wheel and how the Table for Reflection works, give yourself a gift. Take a quiet moment, sit in the silence of your amazing Self, and remember what is the moral force that is moving and shaping the experiences of your everyday living.

If you are not sure how to do this, do contact me and I’ll support your get started.