Two Invitations

An Invitation from the Creative Field of Possibilities

Some first steps, perhaps:

a luminous mind and warm heart;
a willingness to break the shell
of what sounds like “it is not possible”;
find your mental and heart muscles;
exercise to develop strength;
determine your environment of activity;
check your tool box of
your already-acquired gifts and skills;
ask the question, “Am I ready?”;
listen for an answer from the Creative.

ACT if prudent. ? ???Melanie, 11/23/13

An Invitation?from a Place of Center

I draw on the canvas of life
Let’s see?

what will be the first mark, the beginning?
there are so many possibilities;
the feeling of this is exhilarating;
I can barely contain the surge of enthusiasm.

Whom shall I tell?
With whom shall I share?
Do I dare? ???Melanie, 11/14/07

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