When I am listening to the Teacher of Life, another pearl is added to the personal string of my living. It is just like the pearl that emerges out of the oyster that starts out as a foreign substance, ?an irritant. Then, ?through the nature of the oyster, the pearl is formed.

So, finally having realized I have a bunch of pearls, I feel I am ready to string them together in some sort of fashion, and use them well. First, I may need to see how many pearls I have to work with before I can come up with a design.

What about you?

Perhaps if we were creating, fashioning something together, we could look at our resources of pearls, and decide to do an exchange of some kind.

That would necessitate some communication, don?t you think?
We would need to be willing to share, don?t you think?
What is your take on this idea?