Dad made his transition 24 September.

My father’s transitioning became a doorway for the converging of heaven and earth.

Father and father became one and I had the privilege of being present in body and soul so I could listen to the instructions of Father as he helped his son home. His loved ones in spirit were there for him also.

Twenty seven years ago, a childhood friend made her transition. She taught me to let go of grief and regret/guilt about not being able to see her the day before her passing. I had been visiting her daily for a couple of weeks in the hospital. She visited me a year later in dreamtime and emphatically told me to stop the grief and guilt and, in her communication, she said: “Look at me, have you ever seen me more alive?” My quiet response was NO. The communication continues “just stop it. No need for grieving me and having guilt.”

Her gift has remained with me since then and it has shown me how to assist in transition where love, joy and freedom of the soul takes place.

So, as told by Father, to notice my father reaching his final breaths, I went to his bedside, and placed my hand on his head supporting his remaining life force to come to this place in his body, the top of his head, where he left peacefully.

Yes, the human side is deeply felt as daughter. Father has let me know the physical life had come full circle and it was time to go.

I will close with the phrase that came into my heart the night of my father’s passing:

In the great silence of my father’s heart,

I experience his deep love.