A fellow traveler shared this story with me.

?My brother was having surgery and I was asked by another family member to get to the hospital beforehand as he was alone and afraid. No one else could get there at the time. This was a request I was uncomfortable with since this is the brother who had molested me when I was 7 years old. As I was driving to the hospital, I prayed to God, ?Please give me the grace to do this, to be there for my brother.?

I was sitting with him in his hospital room when the nurse came in. I looked at her name tag, her name, Grace. I knew then I was alright but something happened in that hospital room for both my brother and me. The word ?innocence? was what I heard. No one spoke it outwardly, but I heard it.

To this day I am still trying to understand this ego versus spirit. Ego would say I am a victim, I am the wounded one, but Spirit spoke: We were both in a state of innocence.

Spirit raised me up that day to a higher view. We were both in a state of innocence; there is no blame, no pay back. We are both children of God. God loves us both, we are innocence.?

When I heard this story and how it transformed the life of my friend, I felt it needed to be heard. Each one of us has a story of inner transformation, where Grace shows up and helps us. It is one of the beauties of life to share these moments with each other.


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  1. May we all be blessed with those moments when GRACE takes over. And more importantly to recognize Her when she shows up for us.