Metta: Loving Kindness

This morning I read the 2013 Leo New Moon by Dale Osadchuk (reprinted below in its entirety with Dale?s contact information) and thought it would be an opportunity to refer to the 52 mental states/factors as taught in A Manual of Abhidhamma by Narada Maha Thera, which I mentioned in a post last week.

The 52 mental states/factors are composed of the seven universals, six particulars, 14 unwholesomes, 19 beautifuls, three abstinences, two illimitables and one wisdom mental states. The teaching of 52 has proven to be a beneficial point of knowledge for me and I continue to use it as it has much light.

You will find this content in Chapter Two of In A Manual of Abhidhamma, ?Mental States.?

In Lama Anagarika Govinda?s The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy, another source text that I have used over the years, look at the Fifth Part, ?The Factors of Consciousness.? Also, page 125 of this book has a wonderful chart (one will need to translate it from Pali into English) that is well worth your efforts of study and examination.

Loving kindness in Pali is called ?metta,? a term many are familiar with from contact with Buddhism. It is one of the four illimitables.

See item 33 on page 104 of A Manual of Abhidhamma, adosa. ?Adosa is synonymous with Metta, loving-kindness, which is one of the four illimitables.?

Gratitude to Ajahn Ariyavamso who introduced me to A Manual of the Abhidhamma, and to Kevin Kraft who in his enquiry into the 52 Mental States, brought me Govinda?s The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy..

If you have any comments or questions about these source materials, do send me an email at For those who are familiar with the materials and interested in a revisit, we can do so in a group or individually.


2013 Leo New Moon
By Dale Osadchuk

06 August 2013 at 5.52pm EDT, 2.52pm PDT and 9.52pm GMT/10.52pm GST

Even though it was still summer in the North Country the night air felt cool. Grandfather Sun was setting earlier each day and Snowy Owl and Shooting Star knew that Autumn Equinox would be upon them soon. It seemed just yesterday they had celebrated Summer Solstice. The sense of time passing had accelerated quickly. This New Moon they were about to celebrate was the Ripe Berries Time and they had noticed the last few days raspberries on their vines, big and juicy, ready to pick.

The sisters felt sad that summer was coming to a close but secretly Shooting Star was looking forward to the longer nights when she would be able to talk to the Starry Ones. She was the one who could deliver their messages to the two leggeds. Snowy Owl was the Keeper of Truth and the Sacredness of All, and she too was a messenger. Great Mystery spoke to her. Together the sisters were helping their human brothers and sister embrace healing and transformation.

When the young women reached the Star Temple their friends Red Thunderbird Warrior and Runs With The Salmon were waiting for them. They were visiting from the other side of Turtle Island and were staying at the Star Temple until the next Friendship Full Moon. As the sisters settled into the sacred circle they felt blessed to have their two companions joining them.

As the sky darkened to deep indigo blue Sister Moon spoke. ?This is the New Moon cycle of opening the compassionate heart and treating All That Is with Loving Kindness. In the far away time the two leggeds are still struggling with issues of power over what they view as their truth. There are some who want to dominate and control the masses and force their beliefs on others. This will no longer be tolerated by Creator and Great Mystery. This Moon cycle will activate power struggles in the human kingdom. It is up to those two leggeds who have awakened their compassionate hearts to shine the Light of Love into the darkness so others will awaken and become Loving Kindness.?

Sister Moon continued ?Grandfather Sun and I ask that the four of you shine your Heart Light into the far away time and help those two leggeds who have awakening to continue to heal themselves and the Earth Mother and all her kingdoms. This Moon cycle will have many challenges but many blessings as well. We thank you for doing your Sacred Work to help your descendants bring balance to the world.

The foursome in the Star Temple each focused on their heart centers and sent love and compassion to the Earth Mother and the two leggeds in the far away time.

The sign of Leo is traditionally ruled by the Sun in the astrological system. Our central Star is also the Soul Centered ruler for Leo. That makes the Sun, the ruler of this Leo New Moon, very powerful at this Lunation. The Sun in Leo is very Yang energy. It is a symbol for our personality and ego but also our sense of special uniqueness, the spirit of who each of us is. Leo is the sign of courage, conviction, strength, and creation energy. The Animal Totem for this New Moon is Salmon. This Finned One does not let Bears or other beasts prevent it from returning to its spawning ground to create new life. Salmon is symbolic of courage, perseverance, determination, and persistence. All those attributes are also Leo characteristics. They can be very positive when we are centered in the compassionate heart but ruthless when we are coming from ego.

This is where the Moon has influence. She is Yin energy, receptive, nurturing and instinctual. The Moon rules our emotions but also connects us to our Soul?s Guidance and Wisdom. In Leo she reminds us to be centered in our compassionate heart and be Loving Kindness. There are also other Yin influences at this New Moon which is at 14 degrees Leo 35 minutes. The Asteroid Vesta is at 14 degrees Leo 12 minutes and so conjoins the Sun/Moon meeting. Vesta is the keeper of the Sacred Flame and reminds us to follow our Spiritual Path with love and devotion. The Sacred Flame is the spark of the Divine that exists in All That Is.? The Asteroid Ceres is at 20 degrees Leo 12 minutes so is also influential. She asks us to connect with the Great Mother Goddess who nourishes and protects and heals feelings of loss and separation so we can give our gift of love to the world.

The Asteroid Juno is a symbol for relationship. She is at 11 degrees Aquarius 08 minutes in opposition to the Vesta/ Sun /Moon conjunction. She asks us to be in relationship to All That Is in a new way with Loving Kindness. This opposition is also square the North Node (new directions) in Scorpio (releasing what no longer serves you) and the South Node (the past) in Taurus (releasing what is no longer of value). Even if you do not understand the astrological language just let yourself feel how potent this New Moon is.

The other significant players are Jupiter at 09 degrees Cancer 12 minutes and the Asteroid Pallus Athena, spiritual warrior, at 09 degrees Cancer 29 minutes. In mythology Pallus was Jupiter?s daughter. He had swallowed her (along with her siblings) at her birth and when the time was right Pallus burst out of Jupiter?s forehead full grow and fully armed. That is her spiritual warrior aspect. But she is also considered the Goddess of Wisdom and her Animal Totem is the Owl, the ability to see through deception. Together they oppose Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of society) and are trine (ease and harmony) Chiron in Pisces (healing the world wound).

This conjunction actually sets up Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn on Aug 07 at 7.46pm EDT. Expansion verses contraction is the theme and will be until Apr 2014. On August 21 at 3.14am EDT Jupiter in Cancer (family dynamics and emotional drama) will square Uranus in Aries (personal freedom and breakthrough). This too will be ongoing until Apr 2014 although not as intense as it is this month at all times. But watch out for whatever you are experiencing this month to re-emerge Jan and Feb 2014. The resolution will be experienced in April 2014. Since Jupiter and Pallus are conjunct at our current Leo New Moon the Goddess of Wisdom will be a guide for us all as we weather the next challenges.

As we mentioned our Animal Totem guide is Salmon, a symbol for determination and perseverance to create new life. This Finned One teaches us any obstacles can be overcome if we connect to our inner strength and courage. As we said Salmon never lets the Bears and other beasts stop it from reaching its goal of creation. Let Salmon guide you as you create the new. Salmon teaches that the cycle of life and death leads to transformation and re-birth. Use this New Moon to release the old and make room for the new.

The Clan Mother who guides us is She Who Heals, guardian of the Eternal Flame of Love, the mysteries of life and death, and rites of passage. She is the keeper of serving the truth. She also is guardian of the healing plants and healing arts. You can call on her to support your own healing whatever that is. For more of her story read the 13 Original Clan Mothers or/and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

Leo and its opposite sign of Aquarius are found on the Tarot Constellation of Strength, the principle of Courage and Self Esteem. The Theme for Leo is courage of your convictions and acknowledging the strength within. For Aquarius it is courage to be yourself and connecting to Source Energy, whatever that is for you. In this Lunation the Earth is in Aquarius and asks us to find a grounded spirituality in our life. This pairing is also about finding the balance between the material and spiritual planes. Remember we came into the physical to enjoy all the gifts being on this precious planet offers.

Leo? and Aquarius are 5th Ray signs. That is the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Healing. The theme of healing and being in the compassionate heart is very strong for this New Moon. Focus on what you want to heal, release, and transform in this Moon cycle and you will have lots of help from Creator and Great Mystery. The Archangels for this Leo New Moon are Raphael, the Shinning One who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional Love. Together they support us on the journey to being centered in the compassionate heart. Leo is also a First Ray sign, the Ray of Divine Will and Power. Love is the power. Archangels Michael, protector and spiritual destiny guide, and Faith, trust and belief in self are 1st Ray beings.

We have two new kittens Apollo, a ginger tabby, and Mickey Blue Eyes, a brown silver tabby. They are rescues from a feral cat community and are in need of healing, especially little Mickey. Apollo has been here for a week and a half but Mickey just came on Aug 02.? He has? respiratory and eye infections and we have been treating him with antibiotics. He seems to be getting better. They are brothers but we have been keeping them apart. Now Apollo has a bit of a cold. We are asking Clan Mother She Who Heals, and Archangel Raphael to watch over them and us. I would ask all of you reading this to send healing love as well.

Wishing you all well as we navigate the challenges ahead. When you are centred in your compassionate heart all will work out.

Blessings Dale

Our next Moon Circle is Sunday August 11 at The Rising Sun in Richmond Hill, Ontario. If you are interested in more information let me know at and I will send you the description for the Moon Circle Meditation and Workshop.

Here is the outline for the Moon phases and days the Moon changes signs. All times are 75 west longitude EDT.? I post a description of the planetary activations every day or two on my Facebook Timeline. Just send me a friend request if you are on Facebook to access the postings.

Leo New Moon- Aug 06- 5.52pm EDT- Focus on being centered in the compassionate heart with Loving Kindness for all. Leo Void of Course Moon- 5.52pm EDT to Aug 07- 11.57pm EDT (30+ hrs)- When the Moon is in her Void period she is not ?talking? to the other planets. Use this time to look within and strengthen the connection to your compassionate heart. Since Leo is about creativity this can also be a good period of time to focus on what you want to create when the Void ends.

Moon enters Virgo- Aug 07- 11.57pm EDT- Focus on being of spiritual service.

Mercury enters Leo- Aug 08- 8.13am EDT to Aug 23- 6.36pm EDT- Focus on creative expression.

Moon enters Libra- Aug 10- 9.08am EDT- Focus on relationship dynamics.

Libra Crescent Moon- Aug 10- 3.21pm EDT- Expansion, growth, and new opportunities for relating in a new way.

Moon enters Scorpio- Aug 12- 4.18pm EDT- Focus on healing, release, and transformation. ?

Scorpio First Quarter Moon- Aug 14- 6.56am- Make a decision, take action, and breakthrough or break free to the new

Moon enters Sagittarius- Aug 14- 9.04pm EDT- Focus on your spiritual vision.

Venus enters Libra- Aug 16- 11.37am EDT to Sept 11- 2.16am EDT- Focus on balance, love and harmony in relationship.

Moon enters Capricorn- Aug 16- 11.25pm EDT- Focus on your Soul Purpose Path.

Capricorn Gibbous Moon- Aug 17- 3.53pm EDT- Focus on evaluation of your Soul Purpose and make necessary adjustments.

Moon enters Aquarius- Aug 19- 12.07am EDT- Focus on your gifts to give the world.

Aquarius/Leo Full Moon- Aug 20- 9.45pm EDT- This is the second Aquarius Full Moon in a row and is a Blue Moon of transformation. Becomes Her Vision is the Clan Mother who guides you. Experience transformation and become your vision.

Moon enters Pisces- Aug 21- 12.43am EDT- Focus on your Sacred Work as healer.

Sun enters Virgo- Aug 22- 7.02pm EDT to Sept 22- 4.44pm EDT- Focus on being of spiritual service and give your gift of healing to the world.

Moon enters Aries- Aug 23- 3.13am EDT- Focus on inspired creative new beginnings.

Mercury enters Virgo- Aug 23- 6.36pm EDT to Sept 09- 3.07am EDT- Focus on spiritual service and giving your healing gift.

Aries Disseminating Moon- Aug 24- 8.26am EDT- Share your new inspired creative ideas.

Moon enters Taurus- Aug 25- 9.13am EDT- Focus on what is of true value in your life.

Moon enters Gemini- Aug 27- 7.08pm EDT- Focus on your intuitive guidance.

Mars enters Leo- Aug 27- 10.05pm EDT to Oct 15- 7.05am EDT- Focus on your compassionate heart and Loving kindness.

Gemini Fourth Quarter Moon- Aug 28- 5.35am EDT- Time for realignment and revision.

Moon enters Cancer- Aug 30- 7.33am EDT- Evaluate where you are in mastery of the emotions.

Cancer Balsamic Moon- Sept 01- 8.30am EDT- Heal, complete, and release what you have been working on since the Cancer New Moon of July 08. The theme has been mastery of the emotions.

Moon enters Leo- Sept 01- 8.01pm EDT- Focus on your compassionate heart and Loving Kindness.

Moon enters Virgo- Sept 04- 6.43am EDT- Virgo New Moon- Sept 05- 7.36am EDT- Focus on mind, body, spirit integration and your spiritual service for this Moon cycle.?

Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone. You can contact her at 905-589-0192. ?To receive her brochure of Astrological Sessions, New Moon Meditation Schedule or to be added to her free New Moon list contact her at you can also find Dale on ? and ?

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