Each Day an Opportunity of Moments

Gregg Braden, in his book, Walking Between The Worlds, The Science of Compassion, writes, ?If we are seeing our mirrors, then they are current patterns happening now. The mirror becomes our moment of opportunity. Once recognized, the pattern may be healed in a heartbeat. It can happen that quickly. To recognize the pattern is the clue to the underlying source of the mirror.? More often than not that source is some combination of the three universal fears? (page 103).

This excerpt reflects very well the possibilities of insight and transformation in the tool, Method of the Wheel.

From its development back in early 2000 up to the present time, I have had the privilege of watching this tool bring about recognition of patterns that lay within the psyche of the user and support the connection between the then and now reflection.

The recollections/reflections usually start with a simple question, ?How old are you??

Gregg Braden gives an example from anthropological studies of ?lost? tribes and the ?lag of time? between two events (the act of sex and the birth of the child).

With Method of the Wheel, the user is consciously retrieving a memory that comes spontaneously as he or she remembers a specific age. The current age is oftentimes the entry point. The method uses a system of corresponding ages based on ancient teachings on cycles. For example, if one is using the language of astrology, one may be looking at their astrological chart for the Saturn returns and the Chiron return. Here one encounters the 28-year cycle.

?Once recognized, the pattern may be healed in a heartbeat.?

This possibility resides within every reflection, however the patterns may have many layers?some apparent and some not. It is that ?moment of insight? that sheds the quality of light where one recognizes and realizes he or she can choose differently.

This brings me to another source ?worthy of effort? that I have found very helpful over the years, Psychology and Kabbalah by Z?ev ben Shimon Halevi. He focuses on the Psychological World or Yetziratic World and shows how understanding the inner workings of this level of our self are essential to Self-Realization.

For those who have used Method of the Wheel before, you may wish to revisit your Table for Reflection to see what opportunity of the moment is now and how you may sit in the driver?s seat of your life, working in collaboration with your SELF.

If you are new to Method of the Wheel, visit the website and see how this tool may support you in your journey.