The Gravity of Love

This article by David Cooper caught my attention as it speaks to?”the power of Love.” The “electro-magnetic” force Rabbi Cooper writes about is a tangible conscious?experience for those of us who study any of the energetic healing modalities such as Reiki. A simple exercise of feeling the unseen energy between the palms of the hand lets one know?not through hearsay, but instead?directly?there is something to this.

The following excerpt is a ?beautifully articulated invitation to see into this flesh vehicle of ours and experience, or just glimpse, how indescribable we essentially are.

The “impress of the body’s shape” is a primordial pattern that could be described as a mirror image of us in another dimension. The mirror is not like one that reflects our physical shape, rather it is like an unusual x-ray mirror that shows our spiritual substance. The pattern of this substance is not only with us, it is simultaneously in other dimensions of reality.

Why study the Tree of Life? Keep reading some of Rabbi Cooper’s work and you will receive an answer. I feel his writings keep it simple and are a good entry point.

I would love to hear your comments on the article.