I found myself contemplating how an understanding of the way that biological enzymes function in metabolism would shed light on Valentin Tomberg?s teaching on ?spiritual enzymes? in Meditations on the Tarot, A Journey into Christian Hermeticism. He also refers to them as spiritual exercises.

Here is one definition of biological enzymes I found: ?They are biological catalysts which participate in cellular metabolic processes and they have the ability to speed up chemical reactions in the body.?

According to my understanding of Tomberg?s analogy, spiritual enzymes/exercises function in a similar manner. They support our digestion and assimilation of spiritual food so that it may be used by the spiritual body for sound health and wellbeing.

Here are a couple of enzymes that I have found very helpful in spiritual health and well being:

If you are reading this, you are probably a journeyer like myself. I reached a place in the road of everyday life that presented me with the stirring of an inner impulse that seem to come out of nowhere. It sounded initially like, ?There has to be more than this?? Then it became, ?I have a spiritual destiny and I need to step into it.?

The initial stirring took place when I was in my later 30s, and became more defined when I hit 40. Twenty-seven years later, I am sharing this experience as I sense many of you have had a similar journey, or are finding yourself in the midst of it.

What did this look like to me? Some were changes in the outer life that served as a catalyst for moving me into the stream of a personal path of spiritual unfoldment. In reflection, did I perceive or understand it so objectively? As the phrase goes, ?hell, no.? The steps have been incremental. I began to see the bigger picture so instead of feeling ?this life is madness,? I came to embrace, ?there is a method to the madness and when I understand it, I realize I am not so mad.?

I call this clarity, ?Vision of the Eagle.?

So, how about you? How have you been digesting and assimilating some of your life experiences?

In December 1996, when I?d just turned 46, the following poem captured where I had come.

I reflect, yet I do not grieve

for I understand now

the wisdom in the experience.

It is to teach me, isn?t it?

So I can feel my soul

when it cries inside

I lovingly embrace my pain now

as I heal from within

for I know there is a way out

and I will take it.

What are some of your spiritual enzymes? I would love to hear from you.

Continued blessings,

? Melanie