A Gift of Wholeness

written in December 1994 I am a whole person and there is no part of myself that is subject to judgement. I have the privilege to be all that I am… every experience, every feeling, every thought, every action has contributed to my wholeness. I celebrate every moment I have lived, as my being is …


Revisiting Years Past -1990’s Onward Visited your journals lately? In revisiting journal entries that date back to the early 90’s I realized I had compiled writings and poems that expressed where I was in myself at that particular time. It was a helpful revisit so decided to share this one with you. WE ARE CO-CREATORSWE …

Creating the energy/ki ball – a simple exercise the beginner to meditation may find helpful.

Creating the energy/ki ball is familiar with most people. Some call it the qi or chi ball of light. In Reiki this is one of the first practices that the student learns; cultivating the ki between the palms of the hands and being sensitive to its expansion and contraction. Whether it is through Reiki, Qi …

Vibrational year is 7. What’s the opportunity opening to each of us in 2023?

2023 is a 7 vibrational year and is known by most as a spiritual number. It is associated with spiritualization and completion. In the Tarot cards the Chariot card is the seventh major arcanum and is known as a powerful vibration. It invites the individual to awaken to the Higher Self’s integration. Corinne Heline in …

Welcome 2022!

Center for the Inner Journey’s focus for 2022 is Building the Spiritual Body. Melanie is conducting workshops and studies that guide and bring us into a deepening awareness of this practice of integration. Hope you find the following meditation supporting this in you. — Melanie

Kalama Sutta

Kalama Sutta, a Buddhic Teaching on my string of pearls. May it serve you on your spiritual journey as it has mine. (It’s a discourse of the Buddha contained in the Anguttara Nikaya of the Tipitaka.) Melanie

Soul Dialogue

In September of 2019, I created this audio Soul Dialogue for those who were attending a Soul Retreat with me in December 2019. Since then, many have found it helpful for meditation and asked me to share it again… May the beauty within Soul Dialogue leave you inspired with its blessings. ?Melanie