Welcome 2022!

Center for the Inner Journey’s focus for 2022 is Building the Spiritual Body. Melanie is conducting workshops and studies that guide and bring us into a deepening awareness of this practice of integration. Hope you find the following meditation supporting this in you. — Melanie

Kalama Sutta

Kalama Sutta, a Buddhic Teaching on my string of pearls. May it serve you on your spiritual journey as it has mine. (It’s a discourse of the Buddha contained in the Anguttara Nikaya of the Tipitaka.) Melanie

Soul Dialogue

In September of 2019, I created this audio Soul Dialogue for those who were attending a Soul Retreat with me in December 2019. Since then, many have found it helpful for meditation and asked me to share it again… May the beauty within Soul Dialogue leave you inspired with its blessings. ?Melanie

We’re Back

melaniechong.com has been resurrected, thanks to Thom! Thom Forbes was my partner in getting melaniechong.com visible. He set up the site in 2013, maintained it with generosity of spirit and the expertise of his profession as an editor and journalist. The date of the last blog post was August 2018. Here we are in June …

Chakras, Dantiens And The Link Between Them

Words like chakra and dantian can leave one mystified, especially if you are a newcomer to the world of energetics or subtle energy bodywork. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher for 27 years, I see the benefits of education and the sharing of different approaches to best equip the learner with some foundation into the …