‘Don’t you remember?…’


Fifteen years ago, I had a dream about a man whom I felt had wounded and betrayed me. The message he gave me in that vision was transformational and has proven to be a catalyst for much of my work with people over the years:

I see a man who feels familiar walking a short distance ahead of me. I call to him. He turns around, sees me and pulls me aside.

“I have been looking for you,” he says. “I would like to speak with you.”

We sit, facing each other, and I begin to share my deep distress with him.  I think of these later as lamentations. He listens intently.  As we are having this exchange, I become aware of the broken pieces of a clay pot lying on the ground in front of him. It appears that while I am sharing, he is putting the pieces of the clay pot back together.

In the moment that I become aware of what he is doing, he says, “Don’t you remember how I etched into each piece how much I love you?”

Our exchange feels complete and I get up and begin to walk away. As I do so, he taps me on my left shoulder. I turn around to face him. He takes my right hand, opens my palm and places the completed clay pot in it.

This is one of my stories. A major purpose of this site is to help you reconstruct yours. Why not start by introducing yourself?

May you leave with the remembering that You are born out of Love, are Loved and Love itself.

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